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Back in Sweden for the summer!  And what a wonderful weekend to return – it was hot and sunny and perfect weather for a walk in the woods.  Although I missed the spring flowers, I hear the spring here was short this year because there was late snow and then early summer heat.

Wood Cranesbill (Midsommarblomster), Stockholm, Sweden, June 2011

One wildflower I found was quite pretty, it was a purplish-pink color and covered some areas by the side of the pathway.  I used a Swedish wildlife identification book called “Ut i Naturen” – it doesn’t have very good pictures, but it is good for the basic flowers in Sweden.  This flower was called Midsommarblomster, or “midsummer flower” – an appropriate name, because midsummer is in just 3 weeks.  The latin name is Geranium silvaticum.  The Geranium family is also called the Cranesbills family, because the pointed beak protruding from the fruit that looks like a crane’s bill. We get our English name for the plant, “Wood Cranesbill”, because this cranesbill grows in the woods.  It can also be found on mountains and grassy places, usually on lime from June through September in Europe.  In French, the flower is called “geranium des bois” which means “geranium of the woods”.

My favorite things about this flower is the darker purple veins in the petals and the white center.

Wood Cranesbill (Midsommarblomster), Stockholm, Sweden, June 2011

My flower identification books did not do a good job of illustrating this plant, but on the Norwegian wikipedia site I found a very clear illustration (see here).


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